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7 Real-Life Situation Awareness To Getting What You Want in Life

No matter how good you feel about what you’re doing, most people don’t have clear signs if they are on the right path to getting what they want in life.

Because of lack of situation awareness.

Let’s face it, most people can’t stop thinking about the “what if”… 

  • What if I get laid off
  • What if I can’t send my kids to school 
  • What if I can’t design my life to my liking
  • What if I can’t make money

    Sounds familiar? 

For the past weeks, I’ve released a series of Self-Discovery blog posts that can help you turn your expertise or passion into a money system. In other words, it’s going to teach you how to create a passive income channel by selling digital products.

Be sure to check out all these three parts of Be Your Boss Self Discovery Approach – so keep reading!

Part 1: How does self-discovery affect your income and happiness
Part 2: Ikigai meaning and how to get the money flow to your business
And Part 3: Real-life situation awareness to getting what you want in life (you’re reading it now!)

What is Situation Awareness?

Situation awareness is deliberately knowing where you are, and what’s going on around you, so you’ll be able to decide and act if life knocks you down unexpectedly. 

Uncertainty is something many people feel when deciding what career or business path suits them because of the many opportunities out there, especially if you are victimized by all those chaos and shiny objects around you.

If you already find your Ikigai (from Part2) and already understand how self-discovery affects your income and happiness (from Part1), these are the 7 real-life situation awareness that you should know to Be Your Boss. 

So, let’s get to work.

7 Real-Life Situation Awareness To Getting What You Want In Life

1. End your shiny object syndrome.

I know it is very difficult for someone (including myself) to always stay focused.

Shiny object syndrome is hard to avoid in this digital world because money-making opportunities are just one click away. During my early days in this online business game, I used to be victimized by those shiny objects and big promises without exceptions.

And one of the major reasons that people struggle to set up their own money system is self-distraction.

You know the problem huh?

When someone posted something about the money they’ve made, you get excited without deeply thinking about the strategies behind it. Your adrenaline rushes up with all your enthusiasm, but in the end, you don’t get what you want.

Then all of the sudden, you get frustrated with different challenges along your journey and easily give up and jump again to another shiny idea and big promises  – a non-stop shiny object syndrome without getting any results.

2. Situation awareness by staying focused.

The reward of staying focused is really astounding.

I’m going to share some of my own ups and down pursuing those “shiny” objects around me. Hopefully, some of these small lessons I learned can help you as well.

When I first got started online, I began with blogging.

I created my own lead magnet or the free giveaway in exchange for opt-ins (email addresses).  If you don’t know what lead generation is, check my “8 Lead Generation Strategies To Attract Your Ideal Clients“. These are the exact lead generation strategies that I deploy to generate passive income online. 

It was a success building my own customer database (my own mailing list). 

I’ve got more than a thousand mailing lists and I had expectations that I will make tons of dollars from these mailing lists. But…

I failed due to my attempts of trying product after product. Jumping from one shiny object to another opportunity without looking deeper at how to engage these lists.

It was frustrating…

Then, I put my entire focus on how to engage them to turn them into a buyer. And from, there I started to gain traction and noticed some immediate results. 

I see money deposited in my bank accounts.

 I love it when I discover a way to make something that seems really complicated into something really simple.

3. Set a specific goal.

Get a brand new journal, put your goal at the top of it, and create a routine of actions around your goal. Be specific about what you want to achieve. Set a time frame to hit that goal. Once you do this & practice, you will experience self-growth and your life will never be the same again. 

It happens to me every year, and it will definitely happen to you too. 

This goal could be anything. 

It could be your target monthly income to hit, creating your website, getting your first subscriber, or creating your first eBook.

Whatever it is, the most important is by knowing what you want.

Don’t guess. Instead, start planning your entire life. Now, if you are reaching a frustrating plateau in turning your goals into reality, get my Design Your Year Goal-Setting Kit!

Setting goals is never been easy, but every success in life is all about achieving goals. 

How do I know that? Because I know how to live on nothing. I am NOT here to brag to you about my be your boss lifestyle, but with my horrendous life mess, I was tirelessly working setting goal after goal to get anything I want in life. 

4. Control your day.

Don’t let Facebook or other social media or your email mailbox control your day. 

Start your day with a purpose!  

Focus on the most important task that you need to accomplish for the day with your most productive time. every night, list down all the things that you need to do to accomplish for the next day. Then the following morning, focus first on your no.1 task that you need to complete before jumping to your no. 2 task. 

You can number your task by priority and work on number 1 first until it’s finished before moving on to the next one. 

Use a simple notebook and once you completed your task, you can just highlight those completed tasks.

5. Situation awareness to map out your strategy.

Put blinders on and don’t follow what others are doing. Plan the business strategy that really makes sense to you and simply focus to pursue it.  

Know your super niche that drives your energy each day and create a unique angle to build your own tribe. 

It’s okay to check your competitor’s online platform and see what they are doing, but put a twist on it to make you unique to stand out. 

Can you imagine what will be your life to be like after 3 years by taking these small orderly baby steps to get what you want in life by taking into consideration of your situational awareness? 

Most people procrastinate due to many reasons like they don’t have the money yet to start their own business or they don’t have time to do this now.  When exactly is the right time?

The right time is now or never.

6. Build your mailing lists (your own customer database).

A few years back, after making the decision to turn my passion into a profitable online business, I wanted to create something that would capture my expertise and help my audience at the same time. 

When I heard about the success of digital products that other bloggers were having, I rushed to build my online courses so that I can help. I was convinced that if I learned how to sell digital products better, I could make consistent passive income from those people who raised their hands for me and give me their time, attention, and money.

I kept going…

That means that even in months when I do absolutely nothing to promote my online courses, I still make money that conveniently lands in my bank account. That’s the beauty of creating your own money system that is around the things that you love doing.

7. Double your income by choosing to be your boss.

There’s much more to gain from selling online courses, eBooks, or any other digital products. 

Like any job, being your own boss has perks and pitfalls.  At your current job, you probably earn a specific monthly salary whereas being your own boss, your income can be inconsistent. But, what I love most about choosing the path of being my own boss, is your earnings could be limitless. 

So, if you want to create a path to freedom and purpose, join my Be Your Boss 30-Day Challenge,.you’ll learn how to create one income channel that will cover you from A-Z and start generating passive income in the next 30 days.

Make this happen!

LearnToBeYourBoss can help you turn your expertise or passion into digital products, be recognized as an expert in your field and boost your online visibility, credibility, and be happy.

Final thoughts

In every single one of these situations, awareness plays an important role for many reasons.

I know it’s difficult not to get distracted, but it doesn’t mean that you’re doing something wrong!

However, if you’re doing something you enjoy and care about, and you’re setting and reaching your goals at least monthly,  then you’re on the right path.  

Just do baby steps at a time.

Not because you’re doing something wrong necessarily, but because there’s room for you to grow.

What do YOU think about the path you’re following?

So be sure to check out all these three parts of Be Your Boss Self Discovery Blog Series Below:

Part 1: How does self-discovery affect your income and happiness
Part 2: Ikigai meaning and how to get the money flow to your business
And Part 3: Real-life situation awareness to getting what you want in life (you’re reading it now!)

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