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5 Steps Career Change With No Qualifications

Career Change is when you use the expertise or skills you gained from past experiences. Due to the current job has been reduced, many professionals use their skills for a new career that is life-fulfilling.

If you’re stuck in a job or perhaps want to change your career, this post is for you.

How to know if it's time to change your career?

There are several reasons people want to change their careers:

  • Feeling disconnected from the things that matter to them
  • Mentally exhausted with the role in your job
  • Feeling expendable at work
  • Financially unsecured
  • If your job affects your personal life

When I realize how easily I can lose my job, I started to look for a career change. Giving up my salary paycheck is not a joke. Everybody says “You would be foolish to give up a steady paycheck and job security to take a change.”

But using my expertise by teaching others to learn to be your boss was my first port of call. 

5 Steps on How to Change a Career

Step 1: Assess what you want to do

If you are looking for a career change or career growth, here are the 5 fun and simple steps you can do.

Assessing what you want to do can ultimately help you find a career that is more satisfying. Doing what you love will boost your self-esteem. Most people change their careers for higher pay. Nothing is wrong with this to get money according to your skills. But working for someone else your income has limitations.

Step 2: Knowing where you at financially

Knowing where you at financially will help you decide where you are heading in your journey. Makes you more focused and decide better for which career path to take. If you know that your goal is to change careers, you will actively go out looking for opportunities or jobs that can help you attain your goals.

Step 3: Find your Ikigai

If you’re stuck and feeling messed up that you can’t find great joy and inner peace, finding your Ikigai will help you. You’ll discover what your ikigai is by asking 4 reflective questions that the Japanese believe. This will help you find your life direction and discover what career or business path suits you.

Step 4: Career Change? Think of a side hustle to earn

A side hustle is a way to earn extra income. You can make money in your spare time. It’s usually done alongside a full-time job. But you could have one as a part-time job. When I quit my job, I do a side hustle selling digital products aside from coaching business. Read my post 13 Steps on How to Sell on ClickBank to Make Passive Income Online.

Step 5: Write your story

Your story matters. When you tell your story, it can build empathy and can be a compelling way to let job interviewers or customers know what you do best. Most importantly, what makes you uniquely perfect for the job.

Once Oprah said, “Everyone has a story and there is something to be learned from every experience,” The act of writing down your story and thoughts is part of career growth. Bring your story and thoughts outside of your head and onto the page where you can view them and assess them.

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Career Guide Bundle: How it works?

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