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Action Planner

Action Planner is for aspiring boss mommies who want to turn their expertise or passion into digital products like me, working from anywhere is nothing new. Personally, I love that I get to set my own rules, design my own schedule, and even go on vacation if I wanted to.

Using the Be Your Boss Action Planner saves time, systematize your work, and helps you maximize your profits.

I remember how challenging it was when I started building my online business. I am so used to having an 8-5 job routine with a 60 minutes lunch break, and for a while, I am keeping myself busy with time controlling me.

Feeling unsure of what I was supposed to do and when.

So, if you are feeling the same, you’ve come to the right place!

Creating a path of freedom and purpose is awesome, but staying focused and productive is challenging. 

Let’s face it – everyone struggles with their schedule from time to time, even the most organized of us.

Make it happen with Be Your Boss Action Planner Below:


Start with Be Your Boss Business Foundations

Feeling lost? Start with Self-Discovery and find your “Ikigai” Action Planner to help you find what career or business path suits you. This is perfect if you’re feeling lost in knowing yourself better and getting the business direction you want.

I know that every business owner doesn’t want to miss any important task in building their business from scratch. Grab the Business Startup to help you reduce the business startup learning curve.

self discovery action planner


Attract and Grow Your Email Lists Action Planner

Easy to use Lead Magnet and Email Marketing templates to attract the right customers and grow your email lists. Perfect for those looking to convert their leads into paying customers.

C OM I NG  S O O N  


Launch and Scale with Digital Products

Use the Keyword Planning and Digital Product Creation Action Planner to level up your income money system. Fully customizable to match your brand, take what you already know and share your knowledge through digital products (and earn you passive income!)

C OM I NG  S O O N  

C OM I NG  S O O N  


Increase your Online Visibility Action Planner

Be above your competition using the Be Your Boss Keyword Research Planner to streamline, speed up your Google Page ranking, grow your online visibility, boost website traffic, and increase your sales with automation.


About Jeng Cua

Jeng started selling her digital products and generating passive income online in 2013. This #WFA (work from anywhere) mom wouldn’t let anything stop her from chasing her dreams. Her mission is to help aspiring boss moms turn their expertise or passion into a no-limit income money system using her Be Your Boss Approach.

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