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What is Keyword Research Planner?

Keyword Research Planner is the solution to rank your products and business higher on the search engine results page and finally get seen on Google’s first page.

Did you know that planning and organizing your keywords will help you attract the right audience and boost your sales? You’ve probably wasted a lot of money on advertising without converting your traffic into paying clients. Or perhaps your website traffic is increasing, but no sales?

What are the Benefits of Keyword Research?

1. Boost Online Visibility

When you do your Keyword Research, this will have a huge effect on your organic search ranking.  This helps the search engine algorithm match the keywords you choose to write about on your website content. Your business and product are more likely to be seen by potential customers when it ranks higher in search results whenever users are searching for it. 

2. Improve Productivity

When you know and organize your keywords, this will help you to strategically create content that is relevant to your goals. This helps narrow down your focus on what to write and on the task to accomplish. Utilizing a Keyword Research Planner enables you to schedule important tasks so that you are prepared and use time management effectively.

3. SEO Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of making your website or content better for search engines algorithm. When your target customers want to find an answer to a question or a product or service that meets their needs, SEO will help them to connect with your site and will make a huge impact on your website’s traffic in the long run.

4. Increase Sales

When you start ranking for the keywords you researched, you can see what your website visitors are viewing, buying, or downloading which content you have created. More clicks can come from this set of keywords which could ultimately result in more sales for your business.

How To Rank #1 On Google

This Keyword Research Planner will help you position your business and products on the Google Search Results Page using keywords related to your business. You don’t need to hire an SEO genius to rank #1 on Google (unless you want to).

The Keyword Research Planner is a powerful SEO guide to get targeted clients who are ready to buy your products. An easy-to-use digital download planner printable that you can instantly download!

keyword research planner

What Is Included in Keyword Research Planner?

The Keyword Research Planner Includes:

  • How to get targeted online traffic
  • Keywords research guide
  • Understanding your customer’s buying process
  • Keywords brain dump template
  • SEO optimization best practices
  • Google suggest keywords template
  • YouTube keywords SEO template
  • Bing/Amazon/Instagram keywords SEO template
  • Google keyword planner guide
  • Google keyword account checklist
  • Keyword planning template
  • Quora keyword research guide
  • Keywords evaluation template
  • Keywords organization & planning video
  • Organizing keywords template

Learn To Be Your Boss is all about helping driven aspiring boss mommies turn their expertise or passion into a money system, and build their own online empire selling digital products on ClickBank and Etsy. And finally, work at their own pace.

Grab this Keyword Research Planner Today!

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Learn To Be Your Boss is all about helping aspiring boss moms turn their expertise or passion into a money system, and build their own online empire by selling digital products on ClickBank and Etsy. And finally, work at their own pace.

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