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Passive Income Ideas For 2023-2024

Do you want to generate passive income online? 

You have infinite options:

Affiliate marketing… writing content… build your own app… creating ebook..

In all the years I’ve been online, I’ve tried ALL of these methods (and 100s more).

But, millions later – there’s ONE method I recommend – above all others:

Selling your own digital product.

And more specifically…

Selling your own software product, in the Internet marketing niche, and promoting it with affiliate traffic.


That sounds eerily specific – and it is. Because…

I shouldn’t need to “convince” you this method works.

Chances are you got on this list because you at some point bought a marketing software!

The fact you’re reading this is proof that this method works.

And… how many marketing tools have you bought to get here?

But don’t think yours is a unique situation…

Every week millions buy marketing products in this same way.

You’ve probably worked this out a long time ago… you already know it’s a billion-dollar business…

But, until now, you might have thought:

How to sell your own Software Product?

Like the sound of $1k days? Then… you need to sell your own product. 

Like my good friend “Chris”.

But.. are you thinking… “that’s WAY too hard for me!”

Well.. You’re right!

That is.. unless you use Chris’s bizarre new “REMIXING” method.

This is a real sneaky trick that Chris has used…

To make $1 million with sites like ClickBank, Warrior & JVZoo.

And now, he’s sharing his weird “remix” trick right here.

You can (and should) see what he’s up here:

NOTE: This site contains product affiliate links. As an ClickBank Affiliate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

passive income ideas

Passive Income Ideas...by remixing other people's products, websites and traffic....

Now this really is a very weird method.

EVERYONE knows they “should” sell their own product.

But let’s be REAL: it’s way too hard for 99% of people!

That’s what makes Chris’s method so INGENIOUS:

* You DON’T need to create a product

* You DON’T need to drive any traffic

* You DON’T need to design or create

* You DON’T need to do any writing

That’s because OTHER PEOPLE (genius marketers) do the work…

They make millions… prove something works…

Then you (and Chris) come along and “remix” them.

It’s all a little treacherous… but it’s also highly profitable.

BUT: this method is brand new.

Passive Income Ideas by copying Chris in the next 180 Minutes...

In fact, Chris has JUST opened this up for affiliate traffic. 

Meaning you have a SHORT window before this method becomes “common knowledge”.

OK, so be sure to join RIGHT NOW and start making passive income this year!

While this method is 100% sneaky, it’s also 100% legal.

If you’ve ever wanted to sell your own software…

And do it WITHOUT any of the usual hassles, this is for you!

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