Want the Roadmap to No Limit Income?

Be your boss.

Even if you’ve NEVER sold anything in your life!

The Formula on How To Turn Your Expertise or Passion Into an Income as a Product Vendor Using CLICKBANK...

There are THREE Big Assumptions


Whether it’s because working from home is a new norm or the best-selling book Financial Freedom Formula:  Most boss moms have inherited at least one of these 3 beliefs about the world of being your boss:

be your boss assumptions

All of those beliefs are 100% wrong.

There’s much more to being your boss than the exaggerated picture painted for us in the media. 
Believe it or not:

Anyone can learn to be your boss.

And most importantly:

WITHOUT babysitting your business.

Despite how intimidating those Fortune 500 companies are, you only need to work SMART because technology is great if we are in control of it, but it’s not great if it takes control of us.
That’s why I am giving you the opportunity to get your first taste of being your boss to generate passive income by selling your digital products using ClickBank!

Facts You Didn't Know...

  • One in three women in relationships is financially dependent on their partner
  • Making time to do what you love can help you be happier, ease your stress, and add quality years to your life
  • Retirement is not just having enough money to pay current bills and mortgage, but to have the lifestyle you aspire to and your family deserve
  • Good and small daily habits can create a big impact on becoming the best version of you
  • No matter how slow and imperfect your progress is better than nothing

What Can You Do with $1,000 Extra Right Now?

Like a lot of product vendors, we absolutely love ClickBank. In 2016, I started to sell my digital products with ClickBank and have my own army of affiliates helping me promote my products without even knowing they are doing that. 

I also love the fact I get paid even when I am sleeping and be able to achieved time and location independence. The ClickBank Marketplace makes it very easy to generate passive income in an automated way.  

Why not create your no-limit income money system and accelerate your income to the next level? Be Your Boss will help you list your digital products in ClickBank Marketplace and recruit affiliates without doing any outreach!

And… because of the internet lifestyle you can do a lot of great things — #WorkFromAnywhere, travel, and spend more quality time with your family without any money drama.

With Be Your Boss ClickBank, you can set your passive income channel as a product vendor and recruit affiliates to help you promote your products. 

I am here to show you how to get there!

The Be Your Boss ClickBank is for every aspiring boss mom who feels called to reinvent the way you make a good living doing what you love, not to depend on anyone or anything . . .

You are ready to be your boss if you...

Desire for Meaning & Life Direction

If you are sabotaging your ability to stay focused to empower your dreams, then Be Your Boss, will help you get focused, be productive, and discover what career or business path suits you to get paid doing what you love.

Craving for Flexibility

If you are having trouble asking for vacation leave, Be Your Boss will give you the time independence, flexible location, and schedule to do what matters to you and to spend more quality time with your loved ones.

Want to Increase Efficiency

If you need more speed to work smarter using your laptop and internet connection, Be Your Boss will help you to automate your business 24/7 to deliver maximum results and skyrocket your no limit income in the shortest amount of time. 

Wish to Save Time & Money

If you don’t have any business capital and don’t feel in control of your future, Be Your Boss will help you to reinvent the way you make a good living without spending thousands of dollars on a business school.

Who is Behind Be Your Boss?

Jeng Cua, is a business entrepreneur, investor, and mentor. She started selling her digital products and generating passive income online in 2013. Jeng had extensive business experience for 25 years from building a food manufacturing conglomerate from the ground up in two countries to working from anywhere mom without any fancy office. Jeng knows how to create and implement a money system and is obsessed with helping boss moms reinvent the way they make a good living doing what they love. 

Aside from being her own boss, Jeng is busy manifesting her faith by giving back to her church, family, and community through numerous charitable causes and is fascinated by spending quality time with her family traveling the world.

Jeng’s experiences paved the way to simplify the approach to generating passive income online without confusion, overwhelm, and being a techie!

No pursuit of any dream or career can come at the expense of my family. They are my primary motivation.

Be Your Boss By Creating Your Money System With ClickBank!

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